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I bet you didn’t think that getting fit and healthy would be so confusing and frustrating.

Hi, I’m Lara, and I know what it feels like when every diet and exercise program out there sounds like the answer to your prayers for a healthy lifestyle.  
I’ve been there, done that. 
I hope to show you a simpler way to get fit, healthy, and happy and stay that way.
I mean it sounds easy, right … just eat healthy and exercise every day BUT….
You HATE to exercise and eating healthy sound boring…
You see friends that have lost weight and ask them for advice… and get every recommendation under the sun…Keto, Weight Watchers, Whole30, etc…but which one will work for you?
It can cause a nervous breakdown just thinking about which program to try.
You just want to be healthy and happy so you can feel sexy for your spouse or partner…
Or maybe you have kids that you want to keep up with…
Or wouldn’t it be nice to have the energy and joy to just get out of bed?
But it seems so ridiculously hard with everything it seems you have to juggle…
Getting kids to school or spending time with them…
Working at home or your side business…
And your spouse or partner, let’s not even get started with the sex life (what’s that?)!
To top it off, taking care of yourself is so far down the list that it’s more like a dream that will never happen.

You’re pulled in a million different directions and don’t know where to start.

You’re overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted!

But you do your best to keep everybody happy…
You search Google and read ad after ad,..transformation after transformation only to get confused by all the conflicting advice and programs out there.
You decide to try one though (it worked for them, it should work for me, right?) 
Things aren’t changing much though…
You tried to follow the meal plan and the exercises…
But the motivation you had in the beginning is starting to wear off…
The kids and family complain so much the new food that cooking is now even more of a chore and depressing.
Or, you feel like you’re not making any progress at all when everyone is boasting about how much weight they’ve lost, how they’ve had to buy a new wardrobe, how much energy they have now…
Bottomline: You think something’s wrong with you…you think you must be doing something wrong…you think there’s a secret you haven’t unlocked yet in another program….You wish you just knew what to do.
Sound familiar?  Well, let’s change that, shall we :>

About Me

Hi, I'm Lara Hall

And I know what it feels like when you’ve tried every program out there and still don’t feel happy or healthy.
It wasn’t long ago that I started my journey of what healthy meant for me and my life.
I’m a certified health coach, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist – and no I didn’t start that way. Healthy habits are my thing but it hasn’t always been that way.
I’ve struggled. Had my own share of being jealous of the fit and happy moms I see in my community, social media, and magazine covers. Had ugly cry days where I felt unattractive and depressed about my body and body image.
Things started to turn around for me when I realized that there is no “magic” program out there.  But there are habits that healthy and fit moms follow that I could try and adapt to my life.
The winners are those who play the long game…the ones who follow a certain set of habits and fit them into their life.
That’s what I’m here to help you with – take healthy habits, fit them into your life, and learn how to adapt them when life changes (and it will).

Let's Get Back To Simple

I believe good health advice doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.
It’s about creating your health goals, what success looks like to you and then taking focused steps to create that success with lifestyle.
Healthy habits are simple and straightforward but they aren’t always easy to follow.  
But together we can break them down until they are easy and then we can add on to them as you get better and healthier.
So grab your coffee (and yes you can have creamer in it :>) as you dig through my posts.
I believe in you, momma :>  You can do this and still have your “fun” foods without feeling deprived.

Why Habits Instead Restrictive Diets and Tons of Exercise

Habits are very easy to set up and you can adjust them to your level of effort.  
They keep your focus off of an outcome that you don’t have complete control over (like your weight) and something that you do have control over (I will eat x amount of calories a day and lift weights for 30 mins, 4 days a week).  
They can be fun like squat or plank challenges 😀
They are easily shared with friends😀


You can do this!  

As a mom, I know you are busy and probably feel pulled in every direction possible.  My hope is that the advice and tools you find here will give you hope, inspire you, and motivate you to find your version of a fit, healthy, and happy life.

What You Will Find Here

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My Story

I am a mom to 2 girls, one boy, and the wife to a wonderful man.
I studied Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech and spent 4  working for Corning and First Union Banking (now Wells Fargo) before deciding to stay at home to raise my family. 
I have always loved to try and figure out how things work.  I first applied that to electrical engineering and software design.  I now like to apply that to the human body. What does it take to get healthy and stay there?  What are the simplest and most effective ways to lose weight? How can I take care of myself and take care of my family without feeling selfish?  And what’s with wanting to eat when I’m stressed out?
In college, I got my first taste of being a fitness instructor when I took classes to be a Reebok group fitness instructor.  I loved the combination of fitness and sharing it with people who also wanted to be fit.
I entered the corporate world and ran local 5k races and hired a personal trainer for a short period of time.  While I liked working with a trainer, I didn’t feel like the advice he gave was always what was best for me.
In 2000, I had my first child and decided to be a stay at home mom.  To lose weight and keep my sanity, I signed up for a local half- marathon with one of my friends.  I loved the challenge of training with a goal in mind. And the camaraderie of training with a friend and others really helped me to stay focused.
After having 3 kids, I gradually fell into the same pattern that a lot of moms face after having kids – go on a diet and exercise program then, after the program ends, go back to your old habits.  I had the same pleasure of completing a fitness/health goal like my half marathon but the outcomes never lasted and I would usually white-knuckle my way through a program knowing that the end of the torture was near and I could go back to my own unhealthy habits.  
In 2008, my husband and I decided to start farming (a u-pick strawberry farm in the spring and a pumpkin farm in the fall).  I soon realized that my old patterns of exercise and eating were not a sustainable way to maintain my health. I was slowly gaining weight, stress eating like crazy, developing high cholesterol, and not exercising consistently.  I also felt like I was constantly being pulled in multiple directions and taking care of others instead of myself. 
There had to be a better way:>
After a really bad episode of chronic fatigue and “flu-like” symptoms that kept me from exercising, I decided to do some research about how to stay healthy.  Boy, was there a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there! I then decided to get certified in all aspects of health. So I became a certified health coach with HCI, a certified personal trainer with ACE, and a certified fitness nutrition specialist with Precision Nutrition. 
Relying on my old background of engineering and being able to break up complicated subjects into simple steps, I decided to “engineer” my own health and fitness plan.  Following Tiny Habits by “”, Atomic Habits by “”, Precision Nutrition, and Steve Guise, I created daily habits and tracked them each month. This allowed me to keep a goal in mind (like the half marathon training)  and not have to suffer the whims of the latest diet or exercise program.